Reliable Data Key to Correct Decisions

Reliable Data Key to Correct DecisionsReliable Data Key to Correct Decisions

President Hassan Rouhani highlighted the importance of compiling accurate and reliable data under an ongoing general census, which will be used for taking strategic state decisions.

"I ask our dear people to cooperate with census takers and realize the fact that such statistics are in everyone's interest and of paramount importance for the country," Rouhani was quoted as saying by his official website on Tuesday.

"Imprecise statistics and information could lead to a wrong approach and path," he said.

The president was speaking in a meeting with the officials of the General Census of Population and Housing Headquarters, which launched the census on September 24.

He stressed the need to develop a national statistics database offering by-the-minute updates.

"We should reach a point where we will have access to statistics every moment. According to collective wisdom, raw information is prerequisite to planning, which underscores the responsibility of the Statistical Center [of Iran]," he said.

Rouhani echoed a call by the Leader of Islamic Revolution Ayatollah Seyyed Ali Khamenei two weeks ago asking people to help the government conduct the national census effectively.

"All the people should actively participate in this key plan. People from all walks of life should take part in the implementation of this plan and provide precise responses to questions by census takers to help authorities make accurate, proper and efficient decisions," he said.

Ayatollah Khamenei noted that reliable and comprehensive data are key to building a self-reliant, oil-independent national economy driven by knowledge-based firms.

"A knowledge-based economy, which paves the way for the country's progress, is based on the capabilities of an educated and creative workforce. It is essential to find out how many talented and motivated young people are active in various economic and technical sectors," he said.

Highlighting the importance of having precise statistics and the heavy blow that wrong statistics may deal to the country, the Leader said, "Unfortunately, the country lags behind in terms of collecting statistics and some officials are not even aware of real facts and figures about certain sectors."