New Military Gear Operational

New Military Gear OperationalNew Military Gear Operational

The Iranian Army inducted three new domestically-manufactured products on Monday, including a remote-controlled robot designed for reconnaissance and combat operations. The new products were officially made available for use in a ceremony held in Tehran on Monday, which was attended by Army Commander Lieutenant General Ahmad Reza Pourdastan. The military equipment include an armed robot, a remote-controlled bulldozer and a smokescreen system, Tasnim News Agency reported. The remote-controlled robot, dubbed Nazeer, is equipped with a four-wheel drive system that can be programmed for reconnaissance and combat missions with an operational range of 2 kilometers. Capable of carrying loads weighing 600 kg, the robot can be armed with machine guns as well as air-defense or anti-armor missiles. The driverless bulldozer can be controlled remotely at a distance of 1,500 meters for minesweeping operations. With a high maneuverability, the bulldozer can operate like a manned vehicle. The other product was a multi-parameter smokescreen system used for disrupting laser and optical systems.