Syria No-Fly Zone Would Help Terrorists

Syria No-Fly Zone Would Help TerroristsSyria No-Fly Zone Would Help Terrorists

The chancellor of Iran’s Supreme National Defense University cast doubt over the sincerity of the US-led coalition’s purported war against the self-styled Islamic State terrorist group, saying that Washington is seeking to strengthen militants by enforcing a no-fly zone in Syria. Speaking to reporters in Tehran on Sunday, Lieutenant General Ahmad Vahidi pointed to recent requests by US officials to enforce a no-fly zone over war-hit Syria, noting that the US is seeking to strategically control the Arab country, Tasnim News Agency reported. “The Americans are against Syrian airplanes bombing terrorists’ positions,” he said, adding that they are attempting to strengthen militant groups by enforcing a no-fly zone. US Secretary of State John Kerry and some Pentagon generals have demanded that Russia adhere to what would essentially be a one-sided no-fly zone where US warplanes would carry out airstrikes. It comes after a weeklong truce, brokered by the US and Russia, that collapsed last Wednesday, unleashing a new wave of fierce fighting across the war-torn Arab country.