West Accomplice in Saudi Massacre

West Accomplice in Saudi MassacreWest Accomplice in Saudi Massacre

Foreign Ministry Spokesman Bahram Qasemi strongly condemned a recent Saudi airstrike in Yemen’s western province of Hudaydah, which claimed the lives of over 30 civilians and left tens of others injured.

“Unfortunately, the indifference of countries and international bodies, coupled with the continued sale of various kinds of arms and military equipment to Saudi Arabia, has made the regime more brazen in escalating its attacks on the oppressed and defenseless people of Yemen,” Qasemi said on Thursday, Press TV reported.

“The telling silence of certain western countries vis-à-vis the massacre of innocent people and continued sale of destructive weapons will doubtlessly make them more obnoxious in the eyes of the world public opinion, and present them as the accomplices of the child-killer regime.”

Saudi warplanes struck Souq al-Hanoud area in the al-Hawak district of Yemen’s Hudaydah Province late on Wednesday. At least 32 civilians were killed and scores more injured in the attack.

Early on Thursday, Saudi fighter jets bombarded a residential building in the Razih District of Yemen’s mountainous northwestern province of Sa’ada, killing nine people.