Soleimani Not to Enter Politics

Soleimani Not to Enter PoliticsSoleimani Not to Enter Politics

Quashing rumors of planning to go into politics, Commander of Qods Force of Islamic Revolution Guards Corps Major General Qasem Soleimani stressed that he will always remain a soldier serving Iran and the Islamic Revolution. In a statement on Thursday, Soleimani described media speculations about his plans to run in the upcoming presidential election as “divisive” reports by the enemies with the purpose of fomenting discord among the Iranian nation, Tasnim News Agency reported. “The enemies of the Islamic Revolution always seek to create division within Iran, provoke confrontation between Iranian revolutionary people and disturb their unity,” the commander said, adding that for the same reason such foreign comments do not merit attention. Soleimani made it clear that he will continue to serve the Islamic Republic and the Iranian nation as a soldier until the last day of his life.