US Warship Claims of Harassment Dismissed

USS FireboltUSS Firebolt

A senior military official dismissed as untrue US claims that Iranian boats harassed an American warship patrolling the Persian Gulf, saying that Iranian naval forces act according to the international law.

"Vessels belonging to the Islamic Republic of Iran are fully aware of international law and regulations, and always acted based on stipulated standards, so the [US] claims are not only fictitious, but stem from their fear of the might of the Islamic Republic's forces," Deputy Chairman of the General Staff of the Iranian Armed Forces Lieutenant General Massoud Jazayeri said on Sunday, Press TV reported.

Pentagon spokesman, Captain Jeff Davis, said on Tuesday that seven fast-attack boats of the Islamic Revolution Guard Corps approached the USS Firebolt on September 4 with their machine guns uncovered, though not trained on the Americans.

Jazayeri noted that in safeguarding Iran's sea borders and economic interests, the Iranian naval units will never be deterred by the media propaganda of extra-territorial enemies and their stooges in the region.

The senior commander added that when Iranian vessels pass by the American ships at a distance of several kilometers, they claim that the Iranian boats have approached them within a kilometer.

"In the pursuit of its interests and in accordance with established marine principles, the Islamic Republic of Iran will never be deterred by any power," he said.

Noting that Washington still continues with its hegemonic approaches, he emphasized that as has been proved over the past 37 years since the Islamic Revolution, Iran will never tolerate such policies and would confront any move aimed at undermining its territorial integrity.

In January, Iran's Navy arrested the crews of two US patrol boats that had trespassed on Iranian territorial waters. Iran released them after establishing that they had done so by mistake.