12 Militants Killed in West Azarbaijan

12 Militants Killed in West Azarbaijan12 Militants Killed in West Azarbaijan

Iranian security forces have killed 12 counter-revolutionary militants in the northwest of the country near the border with Iraq.

In a statement on Wednesday, the Iranian Intelligence Ministry said the militants were killed in the city of Sardasht in West Azarbaijan Province, Press TV reported.

A group of 12 gunmen, who sought to carry out acts of sabotage inside the country with the support and guidance of Saudi Arabia and extra-regional countries, has been busted, the ministry said.

Earlier, Sardasht Governor Aziz Hassani had told IRNA that border guards engaged counter-revolutionary militants on Tuesday night and their clashes lasted for several hours into Wednesday.

The Iranian forces sustained no casualties during the clashes in the border city, the official said, adding that security had been restored.

Iranian security forces have recently engaged militants and terrorists in border regions as well as inside the country.

In July, the Islamic Revolution Guards Corps said its forces had dismantled two terrorist groups in the provinces of Kurdestan and West Azarbaijan after clashes that killed 23 militants.

In the same month, the Intelligence Ministry said it had foiled a major “takfiri-Wahhabi” plot to carry out bomb attacks in the capital Tehran and other provinces and arrested suspects.

In June, the IRGC said its forces had busted a number of terrorist cells and killed dozens of terrorists in northwest Iran.

Last month, Lieutenant General Mohammad Marani, commander of IRGC Ground Forces’ Qods Base, said IRGC forces had managed to smash four anti-Iran terrorist groups beyond the Iranian borders.