Special Forces Kill 3 IS Terrorists in Kermanshah

Special Forces Kill 3 IS Terrorists in KermanshahSpecial Forces Kill 3 IS Terrorists in Kermanshah

Commander of special police forces, Lieutenant General Hassan Karami, announced that his forces have killed three terrorists linked to the self-styled Islamic State terrorist group, who were equipped with suicide vests in the western province of Kermanshah.

"This [Iranian] year [started March 20], we had five cases of confrontation with outlaws, hostage-takers and terrorists in Samirom region of Isfahan Province, Fasa region [in Fars Province] and the latest operations in Kermanshah Province," Karami told reporters in Tehran on Sunday, Fars News Agency reported.

Elaborating on the operations in Kermanshah, he said, "A team of IS terrorists, armed and equipped with suicide vests, were identified and traced and a team of special police forces started operations against them and killed all the three terrorists in the shortest time possible."

The Intelligence Ministry announced in a statement last month that the security forces had identified and captured the remaining members of a recently busted "takfiri" terrorist group in western Iran.

Takfiri groups, such as IS, accuse other Muslims that do not follow their extreme interpretation of Islam of apostasy punishable by death.

The ministry said at the time, "Other members of the recently busted takfiri terrorist cell in western Iran, who were at large, have been arrested in Kermanshah Province."

The ministry's statement said following the first blow to the takfiri team on August 15-16, other terrorists were arrested on August 18.

Also last month, a police commander said four takfiri terrorists were killed in armed clashes with police forces in western Iran.

Kermanshah Police Chief Lieutenant General Manouchehr Amanollahi said explosives were also seized during the operations.