Hamas Firm on Maintaining Tehran Ties

Hamas Firm on Maintaining Tehran TiesHamas Firm on Maintaining Tehran Ties

Hamas’s representative in Lebanon, Ali Baraka, underlined that the Palestinian resistance movement is determined to maintain its good relations with Iran. “Following a decade of Gaza blockade, the continuation of Zionist aggressions against the Al-Aqsa Mosque and the mushrooming Zionist settlements in the West Bank make it inevitable that Palestinians, including Hamas, should strengthen and promote ties with Iran,” Baraka said in a meeting with the Iranian Embassy’s first attaché to Lebanon, Mohammad Majedi, in Beirut on Friday, Fars News Agency reported. Majedi stressed that Iran will continue to support the Palestinian nation, the resistance movements and Palestine’s Intifada (uprising) against Israel’s occupation. The two sides emphasized the need to unify the Islamic community to stand against Israel across the region and in Palestine. They also called for confronting the conspiracies plotted to divert the world’s attention away from the issue of Palestine. In related development in July, the Islamic Revolution Guards Corps highlighted the role of Hamas by saying the resistance group is at the forefront of the fight against Israel.