Terror Should Be Nipped in the Bud

Terror Should Be Nipped in the BudTerror Should Be Nipped in the Bud

A senior security official warned of the threat to the security of the region posed by terrorist groups, saying terrorism needs to be countered at its roots.

“The factors and grounds for the creation and spread of terror groups such as Daesh-spawning ideologies and [their] financial supporters must be countered through dynamic and effective approaches at the regional and international levels,” Secretary of Iran’s Supreme National Security Council Ali Shamkhani said in a meeting with Afghan Foreign Minister Salahuddin Rabbani in Tehran on Monday, using an Arabic acronym for the medieval Islamic State terrorist group.

Shamkhani said the widespread cultural and historical commonalities between Iran and Afghanistan have created opportunities and capacities for cooperation which should be tapped in the interest of two-way economic, cultural and political progress, Press TV reported.

He added, however, that terrorism must not divert the attention of Muslims from the key threats to the Ummah.

“The important and high priority issues of the Muslim world,  such as the threat posed by the Zionist regime [Israel] and the military and colonial presence of the US [in the region] under the pretext of fighting terrorism are among matters that should not be neglected or overshadowed by the growth of takfiri groups.”

A takfiri is a hardline Sunni Muslim who accuses other Muslims that do not follow their extreme interpretation of Islam of apostasy punishable by death.

  Humanitarian Assistance

While many countries shirk their responsibility to carry out their obligation to compensate for the losses inflicted as a result of the military invasion of Afghanistan (by the US and its allies from 2001 to 2014), “the Islamic Republic has kept up its humanitarian aid for its friendly and brotherly country,” Shamkhani said. 

The SNSC chief highlighted the importance of combating scourges such as human and drug trafficking and cooperation with regard to sharing water from river basins at the Iran-Afghanistan border areas.

“Economic development in the border regions and improvement of living standards of the deprived people of these regions will indeed narrow grounds for the presence and activity of terrorist groups and help promote security and stability for our two nations,” he said.

  Kabul Prioritizes Ties With Neighbors

The top Afghan diplomat hailed Iran’s positive role in trying to help resolve Afghan woes, saying Kabul prioritizes political integrity and cooperation with friendly countries, particularly neighbors, in the fight against extremism and terrorism.

Rabbani said with the contribution of local forces and Afghan police to the fight against terrorism, the security in his country has considerably improved.

“Despite the fact that the enemies of Afghanistan want instability in our country, its government and nation are yearning for sustainable peace and security.”

Rabbani arrived in Tehran on Sunday for an official visit to discuss issues of mutual interest and concern. He earlier called on the Parliament Speaker Ali Larijani and Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif.