Anti-Gov’t Propaganda Amounts to Treason

Anti-Gov’t Propaganda Amounts to TreasonAnti-Gov’t Propaganda Amounts to Treason

A vice president denounced government critics attempting to create public frustration by seeking to undermine the government's proven track record through smear campaigns as traitors to the Islamic Republic.

"Some want to sow seeds of frustration, make the people feel disappointed and portray the government as inefficient. They are betraying the establishment," Hosseinali Amiri was also quoted by IRNA as saying on Friday.

President Hassan Rouhani championed a historic nuclear accord with major powers, which took effect in January to curb Tehran's nuclear program in return for the lifting of sanctions.

Rouhani hopes to capitalize on the momentum created in the absence of sanctions to push through his economic agenda by attracting foreign investment and technology.

However, his staunch opponents have fiercely criticized the deal, accusing him and his negotiating team of making too many concessions and compromising the Islamic Republic's principles.

They are also fearful that an opening to the West, promoted by Rouhani, whose primary concern is to reverse the current economic downturn, could give it the chance to make inroads into the country.

  Far-Reaching Implications

"Opponents should realize that the public disappointment with the government amounts to their disappointment with the whole establishment," Amiri said, echoing a caution by senior officials, including Rouhani.

A coalition of Rouhani's moderate supporters and reformists secured a stunning victory in the parliamentary election earlier this year, which went ahead concurrently with that for the Assembly of Experts, an influential clerical body tasked with appointing and dismissing the Leader and monitoring his performance.

The alliance swept all the 30 seats representing Tehran, the most influential constituency in the 290-member parliament, and also made smaller gains in other constituencies.

"Under the current circumstances, the country needs national unity and cohesion to disappoint enemies of the Islamic Republic," Amiri who serves as the vice president for parliamentary affairs said.

"The people came to the ballot box in the recent votes for the Assembly of Experts and the Majlis, and recorded a 62% turnout, much to the enemy's disappointment."

Amiri noted that people expect to see the three branches of government work in close cooperation.