US Unwilling to Lift Sanctions

US Unwilling to Lift SanctionsUS Unwilling to Lift Sanctions

A member of the Majlis National Security and Foreign Policy Committee says Tehran will step up its nuclear program if it is proved that the United States is not seeking to take the measures necessary to lift sanctions on Iran as part of a comprehensive nuclear deal that is to be signed between Iran and the major powers by the November 24 deadline.     “We have a perception that the Americans do not want to lift sanctions. If it is proved to us, Tehran will continue its nuclear program more quickly; and in that case, the loser will be the other side,” Mohammad Hassan Asafari said in an interview with the Fars news agency published on Saturday. “Our prediction is that the United States, which is not willing to lift sanctions, is seeking to prolong the negotiations so that it can achieve its objective which is to halt Iran’s nuclear activities,” he commented.