Increase in Caracas Cooperation Stressed

Increase  in Caracas  Cooperation Stressed  Increase  in Caracas  Cooperation Stressed

President Hassan Rouhani has called for increased economic cooperation with Caracas.

He made the remarks in a meeting with Venezuelan Foreign Minister Rafael Ramirez in Tehran on Saturday.

"Iran and Venezuela are close to each other for the common position they take on international issues, so their friendly relations will be lasting forever," IRNA quoted him as saying. The president stated, "We are very distant countries geographically, but we are so close ideologically and we are two key countries in two important parts of the world."

He reiterated that Iran and Venezuela should work together to deal with hostile actions against the two nations' interests. Rouhani stressed the need for mutual consultations on major global economic issues, particularly fluctuations in oil prices, and said, "The turmoil in the market and the ups and downs in oil prices affect the international economic stability, (a fact) which demands efforts to maintain reasonable oil prices."  

Elsewhere, the president said bilateral economic cooperation should be enhanced and called for quick completion of joint plans and projects between the two states.  He added, "We have always been keen to improve bilateral relations, particularly economic cooperation."

The Venezuelan foreign minister, for his part, said, "Venezuela has established a great friendly relationship with Iran and is resolved to promote ties with the country."

"Venezuela stands by the Iranian nation in the international arena," he added.