KRG Mindful of Iran’s Security

KRG Mindful of Iran’s SecurityKRG Mindful of Iran’s Security

Prime Minister of the Iraqi Kurdistan Regional Government Nechirvan Barzani has underlined that KRG deems as very important Iran’s security and will do its best to safeguard it, a senior KRG official announced on Tuesday. “Any action against Iran’s security will be responded forcefully,” Director Manager of Iran-Iraqi Kurdistan Relations Commission Abdullah Saleh quoted Barzani as saying, Fars News Agency reported. Saleh said that in a meeting with Iraqi Kurdistan’s Security Committee, Barzani has reiterated that KRG will not allow any group, party or person to act against Iran’s security and will confront any move in this regard with maximum force. Iranian forces have recently engaged in deadly clashes with militants who act against the Islamic Republic along the border with Iraqi Kurdistan.

Saleh also confirmed that KRG President Masoud Barzani will visit Iran in the coming weeks. Barzani’s office announced on Monday that Barzani will travel to Tehran in the near future. “Barzani has accepted Iranian officials’ invitation and will visit Tehran soon,” the statement said.