Mideast Policy of US, Allies Reinforced Terrorists

Mideast Policy of US, Allies Reinforced TerroristsMideast Policy of US, Allies Reinforced Terrorists

The US coalition with Arab countries in the Middle East against the self-styled Islamic State terrorist group and their policies have not been effective in weakening the terrorists and instead reinforced them, said the chairman of Majlis National Security and Foreign Policy Commission. In a meeting with deputy chairman of Syria’s National Reconciliation Committee, Hussein Ragheb al-Hussein, Alaeddin Boroujerdi also said the Iranian government and parliament are committed to support any measure aimed at helping establish peace and stability in the region and eradicating terrorist groups, particularly in Syria, IRNA reported. Hussein warned of the worrying situation of civilians and a possible humanitarian crisis in Syrian cities such as Foua and Kefraya. The Syrian official condemned the silence of the international community over the crimes of terrorist groups in killing Syrian people. “International organizations have done nothing to help the people of Foua and Kefraya, not even by sending humanitarian aid,” he said. Hussein thanked Iran for supporting the Syrian people.  “The Syrian people and government will never forget the support of the Islamic Republic of Iran,” he said.