Schedules for Three Elections Detailed

Schedules for Three Elections DetailedSchedules for Three Elections Detailed

An Interior Ministry official announced timetables for the three upcoming elections, which determine the next Iranian president, members of city councils and four lawmakers.

Secretary of Election Headquarters Ali Pourali Motlaq also told IRIB News Agency on Thursday that those willing to become a president are scheduled to register next April to contest the 2017 presidential election.

"According to the timetable, candidates will be registered in a five-day period from April 11 to 15," he said.

Motlaq said the candidates would have 20 days to mount their electoral campaigns from April 28 to May 17.

According to the law, the Interior Ministry is in charge of conducting elections and the Guardians Council is tasked with supervising polls and vetting the candidates.

The Interior Ministry's spokesperson, Salman Samani, announced late last month that the next presidential poll will be held on May 19.

In March, Interior Minister Abdolreza Rahmani Fazli said the ministry would start making preparations for the presidential contest in late September or early October.

Hassan Rouhani won last presidential race in 2013, when he secured over 50% of the ballots and narrowly avoided a runoff.

Iranian presidents are elected to a four-year tenure restricted to eight consecutive years.

Rouhani's tenure may end in July 2017, if he, unexpectedly, refuses to seek reelection or is defeated by a principlist candidate. Reformist politicians seem to have reached a consensus over backing Rouhani in the vote.

The election official said hopefuls for the incoming vote for city councils will have one week to sign up from March 20 to 26.

Motlaq said the campaigning period for city council hopefuls is May 11-17.

The registration period for midterm Majlis elections in four constituencies will be held in four provinces from February 26 to March 4.

Would-be lawmakers will also have May 11-17 to canvass for votes.

The two polls will be held concurrent with the presidential vote across 31 provinces on May 19.