Patience With Saudi Arabia Wearing Thin

Patience With Saudi Arabia  Wearing ThinPatience With Saudi Arabia  Wearing Thin

Iran invited Saudi Arabia to detente and calm over regional developments that have increased Tehran’s clout and influence, and warned Riyadh of possible tough reactions against its hostile measures.

“Iran doesn’t need to interfere in other countries’ internal affairs and it respects their territorial integrity and sovereignty. If certain developments have happened in Iraq that have increased Iran’s weight in the region compared with Saudi Arabia, it is not a result of Iran’s interest in imposing its hegemony, but the result of natural developments in the region,” Foreign Ministry Spokesman Bahram Qasemi said on Tuesday, Fars News Agency reported.

“If Saudi Arabia cannot bear these developments, it is not our fault. Saudi Arabia is more stuck in illusions than realities and we hope that it can overcome this symptom and start constructive interactions with its neighbors, especially Iran, which will benefit them, the region and the world.”

Stressing that Iran has shown much patience vis-a-vis developments in the region and believes in peaceful approach toward other countries, Qasemi warned that any country has a limited degree of patience and tolerance.