Attaché Meets Iranians Arrested in Kuwait

Attaché Meets Iranians Arrested in KuwaitAttaché Meets Iranians Arrested in Kuwait

An attaché working at Iran's Embassy in Kuwait has met with fellow countrymen that the Arab country recently arrested on charges of trying to cross the border illegally, Iran's Foreign Ministry spokesman confirmed.

Bahram Qasemi announced on Tuesday that Iran's diplomatic mission in Kuwait is pursuing the case of Iranians arrested by the Arab country's coastguard for alleged illegal entry with the intention to stay and work there, Tasnim News Agency reported.

"The attaché has visited the arrestees after coordination with the Kuwaiti officials," Qasemi noted, saying one of them who was injured during the arrest is reportedly "in good health".

He underlined that diplomatic efforts will continue to ascertain the authenticity of the allegations and address the problem.

On Sunday, Kuwait's Interior Ministry said its coastguard detained 10 Iranians, accusing them of trying to illegally cross the border.

The ministry said one of the Iranian men was wounded after refusing coastguard orders to surrender.

The men were described as "infiltrators" by the ministry statement, published by the state-run Kuwait News Agency on Sunday.

The ministry released a photo showing nine of the men on their knees with their hands behind their backs.