KRG Pledges to Ensure Joint Border Security

KRG Pledges to Ensure Joint Border Security KRG Pledges to Ensure Joint Border Security

An Iraqi Kurd official said the Kurdistan Regional Government will never tolerate efforts to jeopardize security and stability along the Iran-Iraq border.

"We will not allow any group to threaten peace in Iran's border areas and fully use our military and security capacities to deal with sources of insecurity," IRNA also quoted Karim Sinjari, the KRG interior minister and high-ranking member of the Kurdistan Democratic Party, as saying.

Sinjari made the statement in a meeting with Secretary of Supreme National Security Council Ali Shamkhani in Tehran on Sunday.

The Kurd official praised Iran's longstanding support for Iraqi Kurds and said developing ties with Iran is of high importance for KRG.

Sinjari said the most urgent priority for KRG is to fight terrorism and deal with the root causes of its spread in the region.

"The Islamic Republic of Iran, as a strategic ally of Iraq, has played a key role to help mobilize Iraqis against terrorism," he said. "The continuation of such efforts is essential to defeating terrorist groups in Iraq."

Shamkhani said solidarity among Iraqi Kurds ensures KRG's political stability, adding that lasting peace in Iraq lies in a united country.

He said the security threats posed by the self-styled Islamic State militant group are hindering Iraq's economic development.

"Improving security in the Iraqi Kurdistan and our cooperation to protect stability of border areas will help prepare the ground for closer economic cooperation," he said.