Claim of Iranian Arms for IS “Ridiculous”

Claim of Iranian Arms for IS “Ridiculous”Claim of Iranian Arms for IS “Ridiculous”

Iran rejected as “ridiculous and baseless” recent reports by Israeli media that Iranian weapons have ended up in the hands of the self-styled Islamic State terrorists operating in Egypt’s restive Sinai Peninsula. An informed source at the Foreign Ministry dismissed the claims as “insignificant” on Wednesday, saying “such awkward and unfounded news fabrication will never change the realities”, Press TV reported. “Iran’s unchanging and permanent policy against terrorist-Zionist groups like Daesh [an Arabic acronym for IS] is quite evident.” The source also said the Islamic Republic will “spare no effort” in fighting terrorist groups such as IS and will continue encouraging the world to counter their “inhumane activities”. The entire world has come to realize the link between “the evil triangle of the Zionist regime, Saudi Arabia and takfiri terrorists who are hell-bent on creating and perpetuating chaos and insecurity in the region and the world,” the official said. Takfiris are hardliners who accuse Muslims not following their extreme interpretation of Islam of apostasy, punishable by death.