All Iraqis Should Contribute to Anti-Terror Fight

All Iraqis Should Contribute to Anti-Terror FightAll Iraqis Should Contribute to Anti-Terror Fight

Majlis Speaker Ali Larijani said it is time for all Iraqi ethnic and religious groups to contribute to efforts aimed at rooting out terrorists, particularly in the upcoming operation to liberate Mosul.

In a meeting with Deputy Secretary-General of Iraq's Patriotic Union of Kurdistan Barham Salih in Tehran on Tuesday, Larijani said recent developments in Iraq show that if all Iraqis are united against terrorists, there will be greater achievements in the anti-terror fight.

"We hope that with the liberation of Mosul and the ultimate defeat of terrorists, peace will be restored to the country," he said.

The self-styled Islamic State terrorist group took control of the major city of Mosul in the north of the Arab country and some other areas in the east in their fast advances in the summer of 2014.

In the last two years, the Iraqi Army and volunteer forces have been seeking to win back militant-held regions in joint operations.

The Iranian speaker warned that enemies of Iraq, who support terrorists, are seeking to fuel ethnic and religious tensions and widen political divisions in Iraq.

Larijani said taking positions that weaken Iraqi unity will damage Iraq's interests, hoping that "with the vigilance and cooperation of all Shia, Sunni and Kurd political leaders, hostile plots will be foiled and lasting peace will be established in the region."

"Iran urges the effective and constructive participation of all Iraqis in the political structure of the country, according to Iraq's Constitution," he said.

  IS in Decline  

Salih pointed to recent victories of the Iraqi Army and volunteer forces in their fight against IS, including the retaking of Fallujah and said, "Field developments indicate that IS has suffered big losses in Iraq and Syria, and we hope that those losses will help clean Iraq from the scourge of terrorism."

The Iraqi Kurd politician called for the continuation of Iran's "longstanding" and "wide-ranging" support for the Iraqi nation in its hard times, in line with shared interests.

Salih stressed the need for greater unity among political groups in Iraq, saying, "Only the real enemies of Iraq benefit from instability in this country and the region, so it is essential for all ethnic and religious groups to strengthen unity to prevent the country from sliding into chaos."