Top Reformist Commends Gov’t Performance

Top Reformist Commends Gov’t PerformanceTop Reformist Commends Gov’t Performance

A prominent reformist lawmaker praised the track record of the government of moderate President Hassan Rouhani.

“The current government has performed successfully so far,” Mohammad Reza Aref was also quoted by ISNA as telling reporters on Monday.

“Striking the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action, reining in inflation and implementing the Health Reform Plan are the most important achievements” of the government, he said.

Aref, who is also a former vice president, was referring to the formal title of the 2015 nuclear deal with major powers, which went into effect in January to curtail Tehran’s nuclear program in return for an end to international sanctions.

After taking office in 2013, Rouhani has managed to tame a runaway inflation, a legacy from the previous administration, from rates above 30% to a single digit.

The health program initiated by the Rouhani government is aimed at lowering the cost of treatment, improving the quality of services in public hospitals, offering physicians incentives to stay and work in remote regions, furthering natural childbirth and providing financial support to poor patients and those diagnosed with virulent and special diseases.

“Strengthening the alliance between reformist and moderate forces is among the major policies of reformists,” said Aref, who leads the camp’s faction in parliament.

Aref and fellow reformists forged a coalition with Rouhani’s moderate supporters in the February elections for the parliament and the Assembly of Experts, an influential clerical body that appoints and dismisses the Leader of Islamic Revolution and monitors his work.

A list of candidates fielded by the alliance secured a stunning victory in the Tehran constituency by sweeping all the 30 seats allocated to the capital in the 290-strong parliament, with Aref topping the list. He withdrew his candidacy in the 2013 presidential election to help consolidate support for Rouhani who ultimately won.

“The reformist camp is readying for the presidential and city council votes next year,” Aref added.