General Soleimani to Assist Mosul Operations

General Soleimani to Assist Mosul Operations
General Soleimani to Assist Mosul Operations

Spokesman for the Iraqi popular forces, Ahmad al-Asadi, confirmed that Islamic Revolution Guards Corps' Qods Force Commander Major General Qasem Soleimani will play a major role in the upcoming operations to liberate Mosul, stressing that his country is in dire need of Iranian military advisors.

"The presence of Major General Soleimani in the operations to free Mosul and Nineveh Province [which are under the control of the self-styled Islamic State terrorist group] is necessary and General Soleimani is the greatest advisor that has helped the Iraqi government in the war against IS," Asadi told Fars News Agency on Saturday.

"Haj Qasem Soleimani is one of the most important military advisors of the Islamic Republic of Iran who is in Iraq at the invitation, demand and agreement of the Iraqi government," he said.

Stressing that Iranian advisors are in Iraq at the request of the Iraqi government and have played a big role in most operations conducted by the popular forces, Asadi said, "They have provided Iraqis with strong views and important consultations with respect to their experience and capabilities."

In relevant remarks in June, Iraqi Foreign Minister Ibrahim al-Jaafari underlined that Soleimani is in Iraq to help the country in the campaign against terrorism after receiving Baghdad's strong request.

"General Soleimani is in Iraq at the invitation of the Iraqi government to provide military counseling to Iraqi forces," Jaafari said at the time.

Also in June, Hashd al-Shaabi (volunteer forces) Commander Abu Mehdi al-Mohandes underlined that Soleimani is helping the Iraqi forces in their campaign against terrorism upon the request of Iraqi government.

"The Iranian advisors, headed by dear brother Qasem Soleimani, have been beside us since the start of war and his presence has happened upon the demand of the Iraqi government and agreement of the Armed Forces' top commander," he said in an interview with Sumeria news channel.

Mohandes` also said the Iraqi nation is able to kick the terrorists out of Iraq with their own capabilities, adding that Hashd al-Shaabi does not have any political agenda and only supports the political process.