Terror Group Busted in Western Iran

Terror Group Busted in Western IranTerror Group Busted in Western Iran

The Intelligence Ministry announced in a statement that security forces have traced and captured or killed 102 members of a terrorist outfit that carried out operations mostly in western and northwestern Iran. "One hundred and two members and supporters of the terrorist group called Tohid and Jahad have been identified in operations and prosecuted judicially. Some of them have been killed in armed clashes with police and security forces, and a number of others have been arrested and executed or sentenced to prison terms," the statement said on Wednesday, Fars News Agency reported. The statement said the group had committed armed robbery, attacked police forces and killed civilians and governmental officials. The terror group had killed 20 people and wounded 40 others in different cities of western and northwestern Iran, including Kurdestan Province's representative in the Assembly of Experts, Mohammad Sheikholeslam, and prominent Sunni cleric, Borhan Aali, it added.