Iranians Gain Victory in Int'l Army Games

Iranians Gain Victory in Int'l Army GamesIranians Gain Victory in Int'l Army Games

Iranian servicemen attending the International Army Games in Russia topped their group in the 1st round of the Suvorov attack event on Tuesday.

The Iranian team of artillery troops, comprising commandos from the Iranian Armed Forces and the Islamic Revolution Guards Corps, ranked first in the Suvorov attack in their group, Tasnim News Agency reported. The Iranian team crossed the finish line in less than 39 minutes, while runner-up Russians finished after more than 55 minutes. Venezuela ranked third in the group.

Later on Tuesday, Russia managed to win the title in the first stage of the seaborne assault competition. Marines from China took the second spot, while the Iranians ranked fourth.

The International Army Games kicked off in Russia on Saturday with over 3,000 military personnel from 20 countries participating in the Olympic-style military drills. The annual event began with a tank biathlon competition and is expected to continue until August 13.

This year's competition is taking place in two countries, namely Russia and Kazakhstan, and includes 23 events in field, air and marine training.

According to the Russian Defense Ministry, the competition features 121 teams from Russia and 19 countries, representing Europe, Asia, Africa and Latin America.

In addition, 11 other countries have sent representatives to observe the competitions that are expected to test the combat readiness of tanks, fighter jets, snipers and many other disciplines.