Flawed Saudi Policies Criticized

Flawed Saudi Policies CriticizedFlawed Saudi Policies Criticized

Iran’s Foreign Ministry said the recent Arab League summit in Mauritania revealed the Arab world’s sense of frustration because of Saudi Arabia’s flawed polices, noting that Riyadh’s alignment with Tel Aviv and its insistence on the war against Yemen undermined the summit.

Foreign Ministry Spokesman Bahram Qasemi said on Thursday Tehran closely monitored the summit, noting that an anti-Iran statement issued separately by four members of the Arab League on the sidelines of the summit was a sign of Saudi Arabia’s failure to build a consensus, Tasnim News Agency reported.

He said the low turnout and lack of energy in the summit were driven by Saudi Arabia’s divisive policies, its attempts to force other states to engage in a war on Yemen, its support for terrorists in Syria and Iraq, and finally Riyadh’s move to betray the Arab world and ally itself openly with Israel.