No Info on Al-Qaeda Presence in Iran

No Info on Al-Qaeda Presence in IranNo Info on Al-Qaeda Presence in Iran

Iran’s Foreign Ministry on Monday dismissed recent claims made by the US about the presence of members of the Al-Qaeda militant group in Iran, stressing that the Islamic Republic has always seriously pursued the fight against terrorism. Foreign Ministry Spokesman Bahram Qasemi made the statement in reaction to a recent report, saying that the US Treasury has blacklisted three members of Al-Qaeda “living” in Iran, Tasnim News Agency reported. “The government of the Islamic Republic of Iran has always underlined its firm determination to fight terrorist groups and has taken all necessary measures in line with relevant international obligations,” he said. The spokesman said Iran has no information about the presence of Al-Qaeda elements on its soil. Qasemi called on the US administration to stop making generalizations about the matter and instead share detailed information to facilitate the concerted global action against terrorism. On Wednesday, the US Treasury blacklisted three members of Al-Qaeda, claiming they had helped the militant group on the battlefield, “with finance and logistics, and in mediating with Iranian authorities.”