Common Threats Demand Closer Iran-Pakistan Coop.

Common Threats Demand Closer Iran-Pakistan Coop.Common Threats Demand Closer Iran-Pakistan Coop.

A senior Iranian official said expansion of security collaboration between Iran and Pakistan is necessary to deal with the spread of terrorism triggered by the chaotic conditions in West Asia, which threatens both countries.

"Developing mechanisms for mutual cooperation, in proportion to the threats, is an urgent need that should be high on the agenda of the two states," said Ali Shamkhani, secretary of the Supreme National Security Council.

He made the statements in a meeting with Nasser Khan Janjua, Pakistan's national security advisor, in Tehran on Monday, ISNA reported.

Shamkhani said the two countries have never posed a threat to each other throughout history and should work closer to create lasting security at their shared border.

"We will not allow certain countries to hire terrorists to destabilize the Iranian-Pakistani border and undermine their relations," he said, stressing the need for a stronger fight against drug and human trafficking.

***Plots to Drain Muslims' Resources  

Janjua said Pakistan is determined to enhance security coordination with Iran, in addition to economic interaction.

"After the nuclear deal [between Iran and world powers] and the removal of international sanctions on Iran, new opportunities for developing business and trade relations have emerged, whose exploitation needs mutual efforts," he said.

Janjua lamented the severe crises gripping several Muslim countries and the damage they inflict on the Muslim world.

"Definitely, these crises are the product of hostile plans to drain Muslim's resources and weaken them," he said.

"Muslim countries should be vigilant about western plots to deepen divisions among them."