Larijani: Extremists Aim to Divide Afghans

Larijani: Extremists Aim to Divide Afghans Larijani: Extremists Aim to Divide Afghans

Parliament Speaker Ali Larijani condemned the recent deadly bombing in Afghanistan, saying terrorist attacks are being carried out in the troubled Asian country to create rifts among the people.

"I believe that terrorism, extremism and threats against the lives of innocent people are unacceptable at all times and in all places and are in stark contrast with religious and Islamic values," Larijani wrote in a message of condolence to Fazal Hadi Muslimyar, the chairman of Afghan Parliament's upper house, on Sunday, Press TV reported.

At least 80 people lost their lives and 231 others sustained injuries, some seriously, on Saturday when a bomb explosion hit a peaceful demonstration by members of the ethnic Hazara community in the Afghan capital Kabul.

The self-styled Islamic State terrorist group claimed the bombing.

Larijani expressed sympathy with the Afghan nation and government as well as the victims' families over the bomb attack and wished for the immediate recovery of those wounded.

"Unfortunately, by spreading insecurity to other regions, certain parties sponsoring terrorism as well as the agents of the Zionist regime [Israel] seek to take revenge from Muslim and innocent nations ... for the effective efforts of the governments of Iraq and Syria in fighting terrorism," he said."

Iraq and Syria have been involved in fighting militant groups wreaking havoc in the two countries. Both governments have been successfully pushing the militant groups back from the areas they had overrun.

Larijani also wrote and expressed his condolences to Abdul Rauf Ibrahimi, the speaker of the lower house of the Afghan Parliament.

In his message to Ibrahimi, the top Iranian lawmaker expressed concern that terrorist attacks are on the rise across the world which, he said, make combating such acts "necessary and inevitable".