Tehran's Support for Turkish Democracy "Valuable"

Tehran's Support for Turkish Democracy "Valuable"Tehran's Support for Turkish Democracy "Valuable"

The Turkish ambassador to Iran said Tehran's early support for the Turkish government against the recent coup attempt is "highly valuable" for Ankara.

"Iran sided with the legitimate government that came to power by the vote of the people and supported democracy. This position, once again, showed the depth of Tehran-Ankara relations," said Riza Hakan Tekin in a press conference at the Turkish Embassy on Sunday, IRNA reported.

On July 15, a faction of the Turkish military declared it was in control of the country and the government was no more in charge.

Tanks, helicopters and soldiers then clashed with police and people on the streets of the capital Ankara and Istanbul.

More than 300 people were killed on all sides in the attempted coup that was gradually suppressed.

Hakan Tekin said the failure of the coup indicates that democracy has been institutionalized in Turkey. "The Turkish people, with their presence [in the streets], showed how much they care about the government, parliament and other elected bodies," he said.

"We have no doubt that Turkey has passed through this difficult test successfully."

The ambassador said a "terrorist group" led by Fethullah Gulen has been behind the coup.

"Our officials, with a strong determination, will take all necessary measures against this terrorist group," he said.  Turkish officials have launched large-scale purges of state institutions following the coup attempt. A three-month state of emergency has been declared in the neighboring country.

Thousands of soldiers, security officers, judges, prosecutors, civil servants and academics with possible links to Gulen have been detained or sacked.