IRGC Dismantles 2 Terror Cells

IRGC Dismantles  2 Terror CellsIRGC Dismantles  2 Terror Cells

Islamic Revolution Guards Corps forces dismantled two terrorist groups in northwestern Iran and killed 23 militants, a commander announced. "Two teams of terrorists were fully destroyed in the northwest," the deputy commander of IRGC's base in northwestern Iran told reporters in Zanjan on Saturday, Fars News Agency reported. Lieutenant General Majid Arjmandifar also said the terrorist groups were supported by foreign countries, adding that "since last year, the intelligence networks of Saudi Arabia and the US have focused on plots to foment insecurity in Iran." An IRGC official had announced on Thursday that another terrorist group was dismantled in western Iran. "A team of terrorists, which was trying to cross the Iranian-Turkish border, was smashed on Thursday by IRGC forces," a local IRGC commander said at the time.