West’s Silence on Terror Atrocities Deafening

West’s Silence on Terror Atrocities DeafeningWest’s Silence on Terror Atrocities Deafening

Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif scorned the West over its “deafening” silence on atrocities committed by the western-backed militants in Syria.

Zarif posted a tweet on Friday after a video emerged showing US-backed militants brutally beheading a child.

The top diplomat said such acts of brutalities by the western-sponsored militants have turned into a norm in Syria.

The footage, circulated on social media last Tuesday, shows a member of the Nureddin al-Zenki opposition group cutting off the 12-year-old Palestinian boy’s head with a knife on a public road in Aleppo, Press TV reported.

Nureddin al-Zenki, which is largely based in Syria’s Aleppo Province, has received military support in the past from the US as part of Washington’s backing for “moderate” militants in Syria.

Before being killed, the boy, identified by activists on social media as Mahmoud Issa, is seen on the back of a truck surrounded by militants who accuse him of being a spy and a member of Al-Quds Brigades, the armed wing of the Palestinian Islamic Jihad resistance movement.

However, the Palestinian group issued a statement, denying that Issa was a member. It said he was killed apparently in revenge by a terrorist who had lost his brother in a battle north of Aleppo.