Cyber Infrastructure Vulnerable to Sabotage

Cyber Infrastructure Vulnerable to SabotageCyber Infrastructure Vulnerable to Sabotage

Head of Iran’s Civil Defense Organization sounded a warning that the country’s cyber infrastructure could come under attack, since the hardware that Iran purchases from foreign countries have been manipulated for acts of sabotage.

“Devices have been implanted in the hardware that Iran buys from abroad to equip or upgrade its cyber infrastructure,” Gholamreza Jalali added, voicing concern that such a plot would enable the enemies to launch attacks on Iran’s infrastructure “with the push of a button”.

Speaking in an interview with state television on Sunday, the official cautioned that cyber-attacks against the country over the past three months may recur, because there are still flaws in the country’s software infrastructure.

Jalali criticized executive bodies for getting equipment from western countries, stressing that the bulk of the supplies could be manufactured inside the country.

“In one case, Tehran had to purchase software needed by the Central Bank of Iran from an American company,” he explained, adding that the decision was soon reversed because it could let the US gain access to the CBI’s database system and financial transactions.