West's Policies Destroy Regional Resources

West's Policies Destroy Regional ResourcesWest's Policies Destroy Regional Resources

The secretary of the Supreme National Security Council (SNSC) said on Wednesday that the wrong policies of the West have destroyed economic and human resources in the region.

Speaking at a weekly briefing, Ali Shamkhani referred to the escalating crises in the region and a fresh wave of terrorism as the consequences of efforts by the West, particularly the United States, meant to draw a new political map in the Middle East region, without taking cultural, political and social essentials into account. He added, "The only outcome of the wrong policies of the West for the region is the prevailing instability, insecurity and destruction of economic and human assets," ISNA reported.

He said the current chaotic situation in Iraq, Syria, Palestine and Lebanon has been created to protect the security of the Zionist regime and exhaust the capacities of the Muslim world, adding, "The policies of the US and its regional allies which have paved the way for creation of the Islamic State (IS) terrorist group are aimed at achieving their objectives in the region."

He said adopting a dual approach toward terrorism and supporting armed rebels' intervention in Syria's internal affairs have led to the spread of the crisis and caused the coalitions and conferences to be fruitless, adding, "The only solution to the crisis in Syria is to respect a democratic process in which the people determine their own future; and to help reinforce security through preparing the ground for broad-based negotiations between the Syrian conflicting parties."

Shamkhani reiterated, "The first step to restore calm is to prevent foreign terrorists from entering the country and stop financial and arms aid to them."

  Response to Obama's Letters

Commenting on the report claiming that US President Barack Obama has recently sent a letter to Leader of the Islamic Revolution Ayatollah Seyyed Ali Khamenei on IS, the SNSC secretary said, "The US president has sent several letters so far, some of which have been responded to."

He criticized the double standards and contradictory policies of the US ruling system which are reflected in their secret correspondence and publically stated policies. He also said, "The US president has been notified of the clear-cut, transparent and decisive stance of Iran toward its nuclear program."

"It has been reiterated that Iran will not accept any decorative uranium enrichment program."

"Iran will definitely not accept any commitments beyond the nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty in the nuclear negotiations," the senior security official said.

In addition, Shamkhani said Iran is resolved to continue its peaceful nuclear program to meet its own needs and said, "In view of the comprehensive cooperation between Iran and the International Atomic Energy Agency, all the sanctions illegally and oppressively imposed (on Iran) should be lifted."