US Lackluster Performance on JCPOA Censured

US Lackluster Performance on JCPOA Censured  US Lackluster Performance on JCPOA Censured

Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif said the United States has performed poorly as a party to the 2015 nuclear agreement.

"If we were to score the JCPOA [implementation], it would get a high score considering the current international situation … but the Americans would get a low score for the way they have implemented [their commitments]," Zarif said on Monday.

He used the acronym for the official title of the deal, the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action. Europe and the United Nations lifted their sanctions and the United States ceased the application of its sanctions in January, when the JCPOA went into force to curb Tehran's nuclear program in return.

"The action plan should be considered in the global context of the time when it was negotiated and in terms of the way it is implemented," Zarif was quoted as saying by Fars News Agency.  

"When we entered negotiations [two years before the deal] our country was facing six major powers backed by the UN Security Council, the European Union and many other influential global bodies, including financial and media centers."

Zarif said the pact is "a source of honor" for the Islamic Republic, because it established Iran's right to the nuclear energy, terminated the UN resolutions and prevented the imposition of additional sanctions.

Tehran has been complaining about the remaining US non-nuclear sanctions that have disrupted the highly-anticipated flow of foreign funds and technology into its ailing economy.

Under vague US regulations, non-US banks are banned from clearing the dollar-denominated transactions involving Iranian companies through the US financial system.