Rouhani Outlines Gov’t Priorities

Rouhani Outlines Gov’t Priorities Rouhani Outlines Gov’t Priorities

President Hassan Rouhani said ensuring economic prosperity and creating much-needed jobs top the government's priority list.

He made the statement in a press conference during a visit to Kermanshah Province on Sunday, reported.

Rouhani highlighted plans to turn the province into the third petrochemical hub in the country after Bushehr and Khuzestan provinces.

"Providing jobs for the unemployed, talented youths, whose untapped potential has not been exploited yet, is of great importance as it is the surest approach to promote economic growth," he said.

According to the president, more than 45 development projects, worth $350 million, have come on stream in Kermanshah over the last two years. Furthermore, plans call for attracting financial resources to fund 197 power, water and telecommunications ventures.

  Private Sector's Key Role

The president said major economic initiatives cannot be launched unless entrepreneurs and the private sector back them. He hoped that building infrastructures in Iraq and ensuring the security of its citizens can help augment the tourism industry in the province, which borders Iraq.

In a separate meeting with provincial officials on the same day, Rouhani said, "Political competitions should not result in undermining national interests."

The president noted that preserving national integrity and maintaining unity under the leadership of Ayatollah Seyyed Ali Khamenei can definitely help promote the country's economic progress.

On curbing inflation, the president noted that notwithstanding low oil prices and the consequent challenges, the government managed to control inflation, yet most oil producing states witnessed a threefold surge in their inflation rates and stood on the verge of economic breakdown.

Stressing on the implementation of Resistance Economy policies, Rouhani said, "The completion of the investment, technology, production and sales chain is of great importance, yet the administration's financial resources are limited to accomplish such an objective, which explains why grounds for attracting foreign investment should be paved.

"However, as long as international funds are not raised, the government will help domestic plans get off the ground by providing low-interest loans."

Rouhani believes that the more national interests are highlighted, the more economic success can be achieved. Resistance Economy is a set of principles outlined by the Leader of Islamic Revolution Ayatollah Khamenei to bolster the national economy and productivity, and wean the country off oil revenues.