Berlin Keen to Host President Rouhani

Berlin Keen to Host President RouhaniBerlin Keen to Host President Rouhani

Berlin is interested in rolling out the red carpet to welcome President Hassan Rouhani.

Deputy spokesperson for the German Foreign Ministry, Sawsan Chebli, made the remark in a recent press conference in Berlin, IRNA reported.

Referring to the invitation that has already been extended to Rouhani, Chebli said, "We look forward to meeting the president. Nonetheless, no particular schedule has been set yet."

Asked about her assessment of the international agreement on Iran's nuclear program, officially titled the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action, signed last year between Iran and major powers, she said the remarkable accord proved diplomacy to be capable of settling the most bitter disputes.

"Nobody imagined 12 years ago that such a complex and contentious issue would have been resolved through international negotiations," she added.

Stressing Berlin's enthusiasm to expand bilateral ties in a wide range of fields with the Persian Gulf state, Chebli said there are still considerable disagreements that do not let the two states establish mutual trust, yet they are expected to be resolved as time passes.

"Winning each other's trust is just a matter of time," the official said.

"Iran has always played a key role in addressing Middle East issues and, needless to say, the West will not be able to settle the disputes without getting assistance from Iran."

Commenting on the Syria crisis, Chebli noted that there are dissenting voices regarding regional issues.

"However, we support Tehran's initiatives to end Syria's dispute. In fact, we call for Iran's constructive role in settling such conflicts," she said.

On the US Congress' attempts to undermine the JCPOA, Chebli said, "Berlin is not willing to interfere with the US domestic political issues, yet the US administration has neither deviated from the agreement's terms nor broken its pledges."