Bahrain’s Terror Claim Denounced

Bahrain’s Terror Claim Denounced
Bahrain’s Terror Claim Denounced

Iran categorically rejected a claim by Bahrain that a bombing in the Persian Gulf kingdom last month was linked to the Islamic Republic.

On Wednesday, Iran’s Foreign Ministry spokesman, Bahram Qasemi, categorically dismissed Bahrain’s allegation as baseless, calling it part of an outdated approach pursued by the kingdom.

The official called on Manama to stop leveling groundless accusations against others and avoid approaches that have proved futile and instead address the root causes of the problems gripping the Arab country, Press TV reported.

Bahrain’s Interior Ministry said in a statement on Tuesday that Manama had arrested two men suspected of planting a bomb that killed a Bahraini woman in late June, claiming that they received training and support from Iran. The ministry statement also claimed that a third suspect in the blast had fled to Iran.

“Unfortunately, the Bahraini government makes such false and fabricated allegations to play a blame game in the face of the country’s domestic crisis and to evade responding to public opinion,” Qasemi said. Bahrain on numerous occasions has accused the Islamic Republic of interfering in its affairs. Iran has strongly rejected the allegation as part of a blame game policy pursued by Manama.