Terror Attack in Iraq Denounced

Terror Attack in Iraq DenouncedTerror Attack in Iraq Denounced

Iran’s Foreign Ministry spokesman on Friday roundly condemned a terrorist attack on a Shia mausoleum in Iraq’s Balad area, which killed and injured over 100 people on Thursday night. Bahram Qasemi also denounced the deadly triple suicide attack on the shrine of Imam Mohammed bin Ali al-Hadi (PBUH), and expressed condolences to the families of victims, Tasnim News Agency reported. Slamming attacks on the religious sites as “shameful”, the spokesman renewed the call for concerted, international action to effectively confront terrorist groups and their insane actions. The self-styled Islamic State terrorist group claimed responsibility for the overnight attack on the holy shrine near Balad, 70 kilometers north of Baghdad, which killed at least 35 people and wounded 60 others. The shrine was first targeted with mortar rounds. Suicide bombers then arrived at the shrine and opened fire. Two of the bombers blew themselves up in a market next to the shrine, while the third was killed and his explosive belt defused.