Firm Against Terrorists

Firm Against TerroristsFirm Against Terrorists

The director of the Majlis Research Center has called on the Parliamentary Union of the Organization of Islamic Cooperation Member States (PUIC) to adopt a “firm stance” against terrorist groups operating in the region.  “In the current situation, the parliamentary union and its troika can take a firm stance against the Islamic State (IS) and anti-Islam terrorist groups which are present in the region,” Kazem Jalali said in a meeting with PUIC Secretary General Professor Mahmud Erol Kilic in Tehran on Monday, IRNA reported.  He said, “Today the Muslim world is faced with a major problem, namely terrorism; and unfortunately the sponsors of terrorists are some specific western countries and several countries in the region.”  He added that the union’s statements and positions can be more effective if “increased convergence” between member states can be achieved.