Regional Security Without Iran Impossible

Regional Security Without Iran Impossible
Regional Security Without Iran Impossible

A former ambassador to France has commented that it is not possible to create a “security belt” in the region without Iran.     

Speaking to IRNA, Sadeq Kharrazi said US officials are aware of the unique status of Iran in the Middle East, adding, “They know it is impossible to establish a security belt in the region without Iran.”

He noted that US officials have no option but to negotiate with Iran, since it “plays the most critical and determining role in the Middle East and in the Muslim world.”

In response to a question about the decision to choose Muscat as the venue for the latest round of nuclear negotiations between Iran and the major powers, the former diplomat said, “Since three years ago, Oman has been conveying messages from US officials showing their interest to negotiate with Iran on its nuclear program.”

He said the nuclear negotiating team in the administration of President Hassan Rouhani has seriously engaged in nuclear negotiations and has managed to reach good results in this regard.

Kharrazi added, “The important point is that (Foreign Minister) Mohammad Javad Zarif as the head of Iran’s diplomatic apparatus, along with his team of negotiators, is discussing the issue with the P5+1 (the five permanent UN Security Council members and Germany).”

 Expressing optimism about the outcome of the nuclear negotiations, he said, “I believe that both US and Iranian officials are serious (in the talks) and western countries know that Iran is recognized as a state enjoying peaceful nuclear energy.”

Commenting on the mechanism of lifting sanctions under a final nuclear deal with the major powers, he said, “We should consider a minimum and maximum (timetable)… part of sanctions will be definitely removed, but we should remain realistic.”      

 The former ambassador added, “In my opinion, we can take steps to the benefit of our national interests with realism.”