Terror Plots Foiled

Terror Plots FoiledTerror Plots Foiled

Head of the Islamic Revolution Guards Corps intelligence unit Hossein Ta’eb said several terror plots aimed at undermining the turnout in Friday’s Quds Day rallies were foiled by the organization.

“The terrorists did their best to create anxiety among the people on the International Quds Day, but the preparedness of our forces, intelligence preparedness and prompt operations prevented the terrorists from achieving their nefarious goals,” Ta’eb told Fars News Agency on Friday. He did not provide details.

He said people in large numbers took part in the rallies across the country, which are held annually on the last Friday of the fasting month of Ramadan to show solidarity with the oppressed Palestinians.

Intelligence and security organizations said late last month that they had identified and disbanded several terror cells that planned to strike at over 50 targets in Tehran and other cities.

Last Tuesday, IRGC forces disbanded an “anti-revolutionary” cell affiliated to the outlawed Democratic Party in western Iran which had plotted to sneak into the country for sabotage acts, killing 11 of its members.