Call for Judicial Reform, Greater Efficiency

Call for Judicial Reform, Greater EfficiencyCall for Judicial Reform, Greater Efficiency

The Leader of Islamic Revolution Ayatollah Seyyed Ali Khamenei says the primary objective of the judicial branch should be to promote an apparatus truly driven by justice and one that satisfies the masses.

Reiterating the need for the judiciary to satisfy the people as its Islamic obligation and fundamental objective, the Leader said the “virtuousness of the judiciary” is a main factor in satisfying people.

“In the judiciary, contraveners and the corrupt in all provinces and cities must be seriously and firmly dealt. This is a trend that must continue.”

Calling on the huge justice-dispensing organization to rise to the occasion, the Leader said: “Give prime importance to the dignity and integrity of the judiciary and consider it as a main task.”

He was speaking in a meeting with the judiciary chief and officials in Tehran on Wednesday.  

“The judiciary is of paramount importance because of its natural tasks like supervising the implementation of the law, and preventing crime as well as the presence of the head of the judiciary in the supreme and main councils in the [Islamic] establishment and its influence on macro policies,” he noted.

Ayatollah Khamenei stressed the need for the dissemination of information about dealing with lawlessness in the judiciary, his official website reported.

  The Image-Marring Few

“Besides betraying the industrious judiciary directors and staff who are dedicated to serving [the people], the few within the judiciary who are corrupted deny people their rights.”

He said a precise schedule and timeframe for implementing plans, preventing crime and amending laws are other important requirements of the judiciary.

Reiterating the need for reducing prison terms as punishment, Ayatollah Khamenei said, “By consulting veteran experts, alternative penalties to incarceration should be devised.”

He referred to the need for crime prevention, saying, “This issue is very important and not limited to [the judiciary] power and demands knowledge, experience and sophistication.”

One of the crucial functions of the judiciary is to inform the people of the services rendered by it the Leader said.

“In order to reflect the immense volume of work done by the judiciary, new and efficient methods of information and publicity must be used.”