Tehran’s Help Prevented Syria Breakup

Tehran’s Help Prevented Syria BreakupTehran’s Help Prevented Syria Breakup

Ali Akbar Velayati says Syria would have disintegrated if Tehran had not taken action to support the Arab country’s fight against militant groups.

“Western states, under US tutelage, created turmoil in Syria from the outset to topple the Damascus government, which is Iran’s strategic partner. They (westerners) wanted to install a (puppet) government that would receive money from certain regional states, implement US-dictated policies and not have any problem with Israel,” the adviser to the Leader said on Tuesday, Fars News Agency reported.

“This policy was against our strategic interests and therefore, we resisted. Had Iran not supported the Damascus government, it would have collapsed within weeks or Syria would have disintegrated, which was more probable.”

Under the conditions “Iran supports the Syrian government with all its might. If we don’t have relations with Syria, our ties with [Lebanon’s] Hezbollah will also not endure,” the former foreign minister noted.