US Undermining Iraq, Syria

US Undermining Iraq, SyriaUS Undermining Iraq, Syria

Deputy Chairman of the General Staff of the Armed Forces Lieutenant General Massoud Jazayeri warned of Washington’s continued hostilities toward some Middle East states, saying the US is trying to break up Iraq and Syria.  “Evidence indicates that the United States is seriously seeking to undermine Muslim countries,” he said in an interview with Al-Alam TV News Network on Monday. “Today it is Iraq and Syria and tomorrow it may be the turn of other countries,” he said, adding that the disintegration of Iraq and Syria is part and parcel of US strategy. He noted that some military operations carried out in Syria under the so-called US-led campaign against the self-styled Islamic State terror group are, in fact, a “pathway” leading to the breakup of the war-ravaged Arab country. He said the Syrian people, including the Kurds, should be aware of such a plot to split their country, because disintegration of Syria would be detrimental to Syrians and other regional nations.