FATF Move Welcome

FATF Move WelcomeFATF Move Welcome

The Foreign Ministry’s Director General for Political Affairs and International Security Hamid Baeidinejad expressed pleasure with the world’s anti-money laundering body’s suspension of restrictions against Iran.

The American-Israel Public Affairs Committee’s statement against the decision shows “the Zionists’ fear and anger”, said.

“In the post-nuclear-deal era, international banks complain that the Financial Action Task Force’s restrictions is one of the most important obstacles in the way of resuming banking and financial relations with Iranians. But now all of them have been suspended,” Baeidinejad wrote on his Instagram page on Sunday.

“Despite the relief of many international banking and financial institutions following the FATF move which removes an important obstacle to their relations with Iran, the anger shown by AIPAC, the highly influential Zionist lobby in the US, which issued a harsh statement against decision, shows how much they (Israelis) fear normalization of international economic and banking relations with Iran.”

FATF on Friday welcomed Iran’s adoption of an action plan to address shortcomings in its anti-money laundering policies and announced a one-year suspension of some restrictions on Tehran.