Nation Has Gained From Policy of Moderation

Nation Has Gained From Policy of Moderation  Nation Has Gained From Policy of Moderation

President Hassan Rouhani said Thursday his government's achievements are "undeniable" in the economic, political and social domains and are the result of moderation.

Pointing to the government's track record on his watch since 2013, he said, "Restoring stability to the domestic economy, the JCPOA and implementing the Health Reform Plan are the three great undeniable achievements of the government."

JCPOA stands for the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action, the formal title of last year's historic nuclear deal with major powers that eased sanctions on Iran in return for rolling back its nuclear program.

Rouhani was addressing a gathering of ministers and other government officials at a dinner to break the Ramadan fast in Tehran.

"The JCPOA is a big gain for our foreign policy," the president was quoted by his official website as saying, citing the closure of the PMD dossier as one of the many advantages of the action plan.

PMD stands for possible military dimensions to Iran's nuclear program, which Tehran says is geared to the peaceful use of nuclear energy.

A final assessment report presented by the UN nuclear agency to its board of governors in the last days of 2015 ended the agency's probe into Tehran's past and present nuclear activities, clearing the path for the JCPOA to take full effect in mid-January.

Stressing the need and necessity of moderation and steering clear of extremism, Rouhani said, "Extremism hurls the country into misery, takes away our opportunities and strains our international relations."

***Healthcare Feat

The health program initiated by the Rouhani government is aimed at lowering the cost of treatment, improving the quality in public hospitals, offering physicians incentives to stay and work in disadvantaged and remote regions, furthering natural childbirth and providing financial support to poor patients and those diagnosed with virulent and special diseases.

"No government in Iran and the world has ever managed to pull off such a feat, under which 11 million additional Iranians got insurance converge," Rouhani said, referring to the health initiative.

"Opponents and even supporters of the government couldn't believe that under such a tough situation, it would be able to establish a stable economy… We have had a calm and stable domestic market for 33 months now," he stressed.