Sustainable Regional Security Pursued

Sustainable  Regional Security  Pursued
Sustainable  Regional Security  Pursued

The Majlis speaker said on Monday Tehran has consistently sought “sustainable security” in the region.

Ali Larijani said, “Iran has always pursued sustainable security in the region since the 1979 Islamic Revolution,” IRNA reported.

Iran was attacked by Iraq and it just defended its territory, he said, adding, “After the war and while enjoying more power, we were in a position to retaliate, but we did not.”  Certain weak countries showed hostility toward us then, but Iran’s long-term objective was unity among Muslim nations.”

  Deterrence Capabilities     

Iran plays a key part in the Middle East possessing advanced missile technology, which serves as a deterrent, he said. “With our superior missile capabilities in the region, we do not seek adventurism and our might serves as a deterrent.”

“Protecting the region is among our objectives, which is known to all the regional countries,” he stated.

The Majlis speaker expressed regret that some countries created such problems as is being seen in Syria and Iraq which ultimately led to the rise of cruel terrorist groups. He pointed out that some major powers and regional countries obviously helped terrorist groups operating in the region gain a huge amount of money which is estimated to be some five billion dollars. He went on to say that such wealth was not acquired “in a vacuum” and some major powers, along with certain regional states, caused such a chaos in Syria and Iraq.

  Reliable Power

He reiterated, “When we were supporting resistance against the terrorists in Syria, we were accused of supporting an undemocratic government, while democracy was not their issue, since some of US regional friends did not observe even the basics of democracy.” Larijani described the “international political game” as a “multifaceted, intricate and unclear” matter and said, “The claim of creating a coalition against terrorists is untrue which is evident in their ambiguous approach toward the phenomenon.”  

“Of course, some major powers and Israel are keen to see some hardline currents in the region, which not only tarnish the image of Islam but erode Muslims’ energy and resources.”  

Larijani added, “Some states follow the policy of revolving doors, shifting their stance repeatedly, but Iran moves on the basis of its established principles which has turned it into a reliable power for the security of the region.”