President Urges Media to Help Reinforce Nat’l Economy

President Urges Media to Help Reinforce Nat’l Economy
President Urges Media to Help Reinforce Nat’l Economy

President Hassan Rouhani underlined the responsibility of the domestic mass media to promote hope among the people.

“It is important to boost hope and confidence in the society,” which are in direct correlation with national peace and stability, Rouhani was quoted by his official website as saying on Saturday.

Speaking to a gathering of the press corps before a dinner to break the Ramadan fast, he called for caution against publishing materials that may harm or undermine the sense of security created by his government in the national economy.   

Rouhani warned against sacrificing national interest for personal gain and getting sucked into factionalism, saying, “The government is not under the influence of any particular faction.”

“This position (factional tendencies) is a source of concern for the government because all factions think they are entitled to a share of the credit from the government’s accomplishments. But when it faces a challenge, they become bystanders, saying it is none of their business.” He said his administration represents the people and is working in line with national interests, “so supporting the government means supporting the people.”

Criticism can and will be constructive only if it is meant to help promote national interests, the president noted.  Rouhani said interaction between the government and the media should improve because it significantly helps create trust in the government’s untiring effort to turn the economy around after the lifting of the international sanctions.

Rouhani did not name any newspaper or section of the print or broadcast media. However, he seemed to suggest that the large numbers of the media owned by his political opponents have not been impartial in their news and views about government performance, policy and approach.