Appeal for Protecting Civilians in Armed Conflicts

Appeal for Protecting Civilians in Armed ConflictsAppeal for Protecting Civilians in Armed Conflicts

The Non-Aligned Movement condemned increasing attacks on civilians in armed conflicts around the world and called upon all UN members to take action in conformity with international law to ensure the prohibition on targeting civilian populations.

NAM urges “all parties to armed conflicts to redouble their efforts to comply with their legal obligations through, inter alia, prohibiting the targeting of civilian populations and civilian property and stressing their responsibility to ensure general protection against dangers arising from military operations to civilian installations, hospitals and relief materials and the means of transport and distribute such relief materials,” ambassador to the United Nations, Gholam Ali Khoshroo, said.

Speaking on behalf of NAM, whose rotating presidency is held by Iran, Khoshroo made the comments at a recent UN Security Council meeting on “High-level open debate on protecting civilians in the context of peacekeeping operations,” Tasnim News Agency reported.